What Is Poe Unmanaged Switch

2022-5-11 22:14:07

POE Unmanaged switch is relative to managed switch. Its ports use auto-negotiation to determine the data rate and half or full duplex. In addition, unmanaged switches do not support VLAN technology and cannot be divided into VLANs because all ports belong to the same broadcast domain.

Poe Unmanaged Switch Working Principle
The unmanaged switch belongs to the data link layer device, which can identify the MAC address information in the data packet, and then forward it according to the MAC address, and record these MAC addresses and corresponding ports in an internal address table. (In the initial state, when the MAC address table is empty, the switch will broadcast the data to all ports. With the sending and receiving of data, the relationship between the MAC address and the port is gradually established, and updated in time according to the actual situation).

Poe Unmanaged Switch specific workflow is as follows:
(1) When the switch receives a data packet from a certain port, it first reads the source MAC address in the packet header, so that it knows which port the machine with the source MAC address is connected to;
(2) Read the destination MAC address in the packet header and look up the corresponding port in the address table;
(3) If there is a port corresponding to this destination MAC address in the table, copy the data packet directly to this port;
(4) If the corresponding port cannot be found in the table, the data packet will be broadcast to all ports. When the destination machine responds to the source machine, the switch can learn which port the destination MAC address corresponds to, and will not transmit the data next time. All ports need to be broadcast again.

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