What Is PoE Switch Gigabit

2022-5-11 21:41:31

A PoE Switch Gigabit is a typical type of Ethernet switch, which comes in many forms and sizes. To make sure you find the best PoE Switch Gigabit for your network, you’d better first find out how a PoE Switch Gigabit works and different types of Gigabit Ethernet switches. Keep reading to know more.

What Is PoE Switch Gigabit?
Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps), the evolution of the fast Ethernet (100 Mbps), is one of the cost-effective networks for various home networks and small businesses to achieve stable network connectivity up to a few meters.
Gigabit Ethernet switches are widely adopted to improve the data rate up to around 1000 Mbps while the fast Ethernet supports the transmission speed of 10/100 Mbps. As the higher version of fast Ethernet switches, Gigabit Ethernet switches are highly valuable in connecting multiple devices such as security cameras, printers, servers and more to a local area network (LAN). Besides, Gigabit network switches are great choices for video creators and video game streamers who need high-definition devices, because the Gigabyte Ethernet switches ensure a smoother experience when compared to a fast Ethernet switch. Wants to know the differences between fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, you can click: Fast Ethernet vs Gigabit Ethernet.