Shenzhen Bus PV Charging Station Monitoring System Case Sharing

2021-12-25 11:51:08


Since 2017, China has gradually entered the rapid growing stage of new energy vehicle industry, and the application area of new energy vehicles has expanded from the original 88 cities to the whole country. In 2017, Shenzhen Bus Group opened 364 bus routes and increased 5,698 pure electric buses, becoming the largest electric bus enterprise in the world. In order to meet the rapid growing demand for new energy vehicle charging, new technologies such as DC quick charging and integration of PV storage and charging have been adopted.


There are 34 charging piles in the PV station of Shenzhen North, the total power is beyond 6000KW. The entire PV charging system needs to be monitored for power collection and field equipment status, such as real-time collection of current, voltage, power and other operational data of the charging pile.

PV power generation equipment and charging pile use RS485 serial interface for communication. In order to facilitate remote management, data upload and download, the serial port equipment must be connected to the internet, converts a serial to TCP/IP communication mode, data collected from internet to cloud data center, through which to realize the unified management of charging pile equipment on a large scale. Real-time understanding of terminal operation status reduces operating costs and improves service quality and economic benefits of the operator.