Industry 4.0 – Intelligent industrial production

2022-1-10 11:51:36

With the rapid development of network and intelligent, the industrial structure is changing, the impact of Industry-4.0 has been reflected in the manufacturing industry, the production enterprises will face more and more challenges. Enterprises need to improve production efficiency, meet environmental requirements, and reduce operating costs, in order to achieve success in today’s highly competitive global market.

The concept of industry-4.0 is not limited to the production line, it is also closely linked with the Internet Of Things (IOT) technology, to create another opportunity for the manufacturing enterprise to climb the strategic heights. Intelligent production management system and automation technology can help enterprises to meet these challenges, and to improve industrial performance. Intelligent industrial production is the future of the manufacturing industry, the use of the Internet of things technology and monitoring technology to strengthen information management and services, improve the efficiency of production lines and product quality, and optimize the production process.

Project requirements
Network is based on platform to meet the requirements of energy management and control, data acquisition and industrial video surveillance and other needs.
Support for the production equipment, communication distance node far.
Device has strong anti-interference, especially the electromagnetic interference between industrial equipment.
Device can work in a harsh environment.