Do I Need A Poe Network Switch

2023-3-08 21:16:16

The POE uses network cables as interfaces to directly generate power for the router and AP. When the power supply standard is the same, only one network cable is needed to power on the POE. This simplifies lines, facilitates management, and ensures a beautiful environment.

Why do we need the Poe switch ?

  1. Reduce your cost

POE switches can provide power and transmit data signals by installing only one network cable. Expensive power cables and sockets, such as video surveillance cameras, need not be installed in places where AC power is difficult to be deployed. POE switches do not require expensive power supplies and time-consuming installation of power supplies, saving costs and time.

  • Safe power supply

The power supply device of a POE switch supplies power only to the devices that need to be powered. Current exists only when the devices that need to be powered are connected, thereby eliminating the risk of circuit leakage.

Users can securely connect existing devices to the POE device on the network.

  • Stable performance

The POE switch provides direct power supply and provides stable performance with less cabling.

  • Stable performance

When the remote device is connected to the network, it can be controlled, reconfigured, or reset remotely.

In wireless Lans, POE simplifies RF testing tasks and allows access points to be easily moved and accessed

  • Beautiful and generous

Cabling is neat and unified, without multiple cables;

The front end installation is simple, and there is no need to deal with the power adapter and set up waterproof box and other devices that affect the appearance.

In order to choose a POE switch more accurately, we need to have a certain understanding of the required products. Otherwise, it is a loss to buy a substandard switch.

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