Are All PoE Switches The Same

2023-3-08 21:10:23

The application of POE switches in the security industry has brought qualitative changes to the video surveillance system. It can power PoE terminals, such as wireless AP and network camera, through network cables. The transmission distance is up to 100m. Simple installation, plug and play. Very suitable for wireless city, security monitoring and other industries.

  However not all the PoE Switches are the same ,here are some difference follow.

  Firstly,according to the transmission rate, we can divide into 10/100M and 1000M PoE switches .Usually ,10/100M PoE switches are using for desktop,which means they are applicable to small network environment,for examle shopping mall monitoring. 1000M gigabit PoE switches usually using for small and medium network environment,for exmample IT scenario.

  Secondly,depending on whether the switch chip has its own microprocessor (PSE power supply chip), PoE switches are classified into managed PoE switches and unmanaged PoE switches. In addition to providing power supply, managed PoE switches can also be configured through ports.A non-managed PoE switch provides some intelligent functions, such as port priority classification, total power setting, and port power allocation. A non-managed POE switch only provides power supply.

  Finally ,depending on the power,PoE switches are supported by IEEE802.3af and IEEE 802.3at. Therefore, PoE switches are classified into three types: (1)The first type complies with IEEE802.3af. The power supply for a single port of this type of PoE switch is 15.4W.(2)The second type of PoE switch complies with the IEEE 802.3at standard. This type of PoE switch provides 30W power for a single port.(3) The third type is IEEE802.3af and IEEE 802.3at backward compatible PoE switches with oversized power. The single-port power supply of this type of PoE switch is 60 to 95W.

  In addition, there are different types of PoE ports, including 4,8,16,24, and 48 ports, and RJ45, SFP uplinks.There are the same type of different power supply power PoE switches, such as 60 w / 130 w / 150 w / 250 w / 400 w / 600 w power supply power.To avoid transmission problems caused by incorrect bandwidth or power matching, you need to select a proper PoE switch based on application scenarios and different transmission bandwidths and PoE power.

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