Are All POE Switch Noisy

2022-7-25 21:16:06

POE switch is divided into fan switches and fanless switches. Whether POE switch have noises depends on whether it has fan inside.

Switch with fan inside relies on active cooling and heat dissipation. The use of the fan can quickly conduct the internal heat of the switch and dissipate it into the nearby air, which can effectively improve the heat dissipation speed and reduce the temperature. It is also conducive to extending the switch. service life. Fan switches are widely used in data centers and other network environments with high cooling requirements. Usually EWIND’s 4/8 port POE switch are with fan inside.

Fanless PoE switches (also known as ultra-quiet PoE switches) use a fanless design inside. The switch relies on passive cooling to dissipate heat, that is, through the ventilation holes on the left and right or front and rear ends of the device. Compared with switches with fans, switches without fans have a more compact structure because there is no need to install fans inside, which not only realizes noise-free equipment operation, but also greatly reduces equipment power consumption, reduces mechanical failure points, and makes equipment more reliable and durable. Effectively reduce network equipment maintenance and network operation costs. Fanless Ethernet PoE switches are ideal for places with high noise requirements, such as offices, hotels, libraries, etc. EWIND’s 16 port and 24 port POE switches are all with fanless design.

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